Ways to make Formula 1 even better, number 52


…add a helmet cam to the onboard feeds…

The onboard camera has for a long time been TOO good. This might sound like an oxymoron, but the perfectly clear picture gives very little idea of how violent life is in an F1 car. You see none of the vibrations, bumps and forces at work and it looks easy, like a playstation game.

However Ferrari have released a helmet cam video of their “filming day” e.g. a test session in disguise, and boy is it good. Like late 80s onboard footage there’s plenty of feeling of speed.

I really think making the TV feed awe inspiring and spectacular is very important for the image of F1 and along with bringing titanium skid blocks, this kind of footage should be used to help the spectacle.


Massa’s helmet-cam lap of Jerez (Video)


Let’s hope for more like this during the year, although they need to point the camera a bit higher so you can see what’s coming!


Abu Dhabi demo lap at night…

Although the race is scheduled for daytime (5pm local time) I guess the floodlights should at least head off the chance of a Malysia darkness farce


Abu Dhabi demo lap

Here's a lap of the new Abu Dhabi F1 circuit.  I'm looking forward to the pit tunnel death crash when someone inevitably spins doing out of the pits during a safety car period and blocks the lot.