F1 Season 2010 Predictions – review

As the new season gets going it’s traditional for everyone to make a few predictions, but first it’s probably a good idea to look back at my predictions for last to see how bad they really were:

1) Alonso will win the title.

Close but no cigar.  Odds on to win it at the last round but Vitaly Petrov plus the rubbish Abu Dhabi circuit meant Vettel ended up champion.

2) Better racing.

And what a season it was!  After a bit of a false start in Bohrain we were treated to an absolutely classic season, helped in no small part by the fact we had 5 drivers in the mix for most of the year.

3) Hamilton and Button are going to be pretty evenly matched, with Hamilton showing more pace but Button getting better results.

I’ll claim it as a correct prediction with them both getting two wins each.  Button would have been closer to Lewis at the end if Vettel hadn’t used him as a brake in Belgium, and I think Jenson has really shown his quality in what was effectively Lewis’s team.  Most surprising was they seem to genuinely get on together.

4) Schuie will be quick enough to win a race or two, but the car won’t be quick enough to win the title.

Well one out of two isn’t bad.  Somewhat overshadowed by Nico Rosburg, Schuie never really looked quick enough to win, but the car was a dog too.

5) Driving standards will fall (because of Schuie coming back).


Nuff said

6) The new teams will all be disappointingly slow.

An average of over 2 seconds off the pace. Very disappointing.  Most surprising though is that HRT finished ahead of Virgin in the table.

7) We will have at least 8 winners this year

In the end we only had 5 winners.  Alot more than some seasons, but not quite the 8 I was hoping for, mainly due to Mercedes being rubbish

So 3.5 / 7 – must try harder.  Lets see about 2011 then…


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