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Front tyres design hurting Schumacher

The peculiar design of this year’s front tyres are the main reason why Michael Schumacher has struggled in his return to Formula 1.

That is the view of Mercedes GP boss Ross Brawn, who reckons Schumacher’s driving style is not suited to the Bridgestone rubber.

I find it very interesting to read all the excuses coming out of Mercedes for the reasons behind Schumacher’s poor form this season.

The latest thought process is that the design of the Mercedes is especially alien to Schuie’s liking. Indeed Button has even said it’s his fault because BrawnGP developed it for his liking before they realised it wouldn’t be him staying on at the team

My thought is that although this is almost certainly true, probably the most significant reason is the restriction on testing. Without the hundreds of hours of testing he enjoyed at Ferrari, he has been unable to learn how to get the best from the tyres.

Without the massive advantage (and fabulous “move-over” contract) he enjoyed at Ferrari, he’s not looking so good. Of course it must be the tyres fault the playing field is much more level now…