Alonso slaps Schuie

There's plenty of news on the rivalries brewing in F1 this year.  From the return of Schuie opening old wounds to the intra team competition between Lewis and Jenson, there's something for everyone.

This week Alonso has taken a pop at Schuie.  Although he's a moaning, whining tell tale, he's got several good reasons to be annoyed with Schuie.

First is from Silvertone 2005 when Schuie pushed him on the grass on the Hanger straight at Silverstone at 180mph in an outrageously dangerous move, especially considering the damage Schuie suffered in 1999 when he crashed at the same spot.

Then came Monaco 2006 where Schumacher parked up in qualifying, stopping everyone else from finishing their quickest laps.  Apparently if the penalty which eventually came hadn't been awarded, he would have made his own protest by laying down infront of the Ferrari (something which would have endeared him to all non-Schuie fans no end I don't doubt)

Finally there was Monza 2006, where Ferrari laughably protested that Massa was held up by Alonso from half way round the track, but the FIA upheld the protest and dropped Alonso way down the field.  Alonso of course went on to win the 2006 championship anyway and Schumacher retired, but he clearly felt wronged.

The event that seems to have got on Alonso's nerves in Australia is that Schuie was complaining about being held up by Alonso, having already hung out with some Ferrari team staff which he obviously knows well from his days there.

The quote from Alonso that earns his slap award is that he thinks Schuie should have “taken the matter up with the stewards, rather than the TV cameras.” 

Driver slaps table
Alonso 2
Button 1
Webber 0
Schuie 0

full story here:

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