Time for control parts in #f1?

Control parts.  The teams hate them but they can make alot of sense if used wisely.  We already have a standard ECU, standard tyres and for 15 years had a standard FIA refuelling rig.  The parts in question could be hidden from casual view but make a big difference to the racing.

1) Rear wings.  Anyone remember the Handford wing in Indycars?  Basically a big angle bracket that cleaved a massive hole in the air giving major slipstreams on straights.  A common complaint these days is that cars only pickup a slipstream when they've nearly hit the car in front.  Mandate a standard big irregular object to be concealed in the rear wing and bingo.

2) Brake disks.  Longer braking distances give much more chance for passing so how about providing the teams with a standard disk (or choice of disks).  I can't name who supplies brakes for the different teams so I doubt the general public bothers.

3) Engine covers.  This year the cars are looking rather ugly again after the big clean-up of 2009.  The shark fin is probably the worst in my mind so give them all a standard clear perspex engine cover.  That was we get to see the engine in all it's glory too!

4) Cockpit sides.  While we're at it lets make the cockpit sides transparent too.  Before the head protection rules in 1995, we got to see alot more of the driver at work.  We don't need to expose the driver again, just make him/her visible.

5) Tyres.  While they're already control parts, we need to let the drivers have alot more choice.  Bridgestone (and whoever replaces them) should be told to bring hard tyres that can do a whole race plus 3 softer compounds that offer more performance than the hard.  While we're at it lets make the rules for the first 10 on the grid the same as the everyone else, either by applying the race what you qualified on rule to everyone, or just ditching it completely.

Maybe they'll improve the show, maybe they won't, but making these standard won't change how general fans perceive Formula 1 and more importantly won't artificially dilute the purity of F1.

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