Another dull GP, what went wrong?

So why was it a very dull race in Bahrain?

1) The track.  With such a long layout, traffic didn’t come into play and Bahrain has hardly produced exciting races in the past.  Being a very open modern track, it also makes the cars seem like ants on a driveway and there’s no involvement for the viewer.  It’s high time F1 went back to the tracks that consistently give good racing and even make processions seem interesting.  Barcelona is going to be horrendous!

2) Rules.  With the refuelling ban I was hoping for some decent tortoise vs hare racing, yet because everyone had to use 2 different compounds there was no real room for teams to try something different.  Everyone pretty much did the same thing and as a result it was dull.  And as for the starting the race on quali tyres, what’s that about.  Lets stop artificially arranging the order and lets have some pure racing.

3) The teams.  They were very cowardly with their tactics, possibly fearing looking silly by being brave, but I think they missed a trick, which I shall call the LAST 10 LAP MANSELL CHARGE!!!!!  At the end of the race, the cars were lapping at 6seconds off qualifying pace on new tyres, yet with a pitstop costing 24s from entry to exit it would only take 4 laps to catch up that time.  OK they’d be caught in traffic, but at such a performance difference (more than the difference between the injured Vettel and the Ferraris when they overtook him) I’m sure overtaking would be easy.  Perhaps the teams had run out of tyres thanks to the silly 11 set restriction, but I think those further down the order (Schuie, Button) had nothing much to lose by giving it a go.

I still preferred seeing an ontrack procession to the procession pretending to be exciting by interrupting it by pitstops which make no difference at all but get the commentators frothing at the mouth.

One thought on “Another dull GP, what went wrong?

  1. I think this quote from Button sums it up well (from ESPN)"It’s not like the old days," Button said. "We have so much more downforce. You could follow cars [back] then. You could slide up the inside. You could race. It’s very different now."


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