F1 season 2010 predictions #f1

As everyone is getting excited for the new season, I thought I'd have a stab at some predictions myself.

1) Alonso will win the title.  There I've said it.  Massa will match him for speed and often be quicker, but Alsono will keep on getting big results which will add up to a title.

2) Better racing.  For the first time in a long time, there's no incentive for drivers to "wait till the pit stops" because they may never come.  This means drivers will not only need to try to overtake, but also have the ability.  Fresh tyres will mean a big performance boost, but being stuck behind slower cars.  

Rubens Barrichello sees the same possibilities.
"It depends on traffic, but at least in the first couple of laps, when a guy makes a pitstop he's going to be able to overtake, but the difference on pace might be greater than a second and when we are talking that much it's an overtaking opportunity."

3) Hamilton and Button are going to be pretty evenly matched, with Hamilton showing more pace but Button getting better results.  In many ways it reminds me of Prost vs Senna with the raw speed of Senna up against the smoothness of Prost.  Lets hope McLaren control the rivalry better now than they did back then!

4) Schuie will be quick enough to win a race or two, but the car won't be quick enough to win the title.  The cars are very different to when he last raced  (refuelling ban, slicks, adjustable aero), but I don't think he to struggle with that.  A car's a car and he'll adapt and drive it quick.  What I think he is going to struggle with is the fact that he used to have the Ferrari car and Bridgestone tyres developed for his tastes, not to mention he would rack up huge milages in testing and he always had team mate that wasn't allowed to beat him.  I also think Rosburg will be able to match him for pace.

5) Driving standards will fall.  It's been 3 years since Schuie retired and the new breed of young guns have all upped the driving standards.  With the exception of Sutil who seems to be able to hit anything moving or stationary and Kobayashi who was a little overkeen in Brazil last year, all drivers have really improved driving standards and there have been remarkably few incidents.  

Schuie is well known for not being able to handle pressure  or behave well in the midfield without resorting to wheel banging  so I think it's likely he's going to get into alot of tangles.  How the FIA responds will be interesting.  Jean Todt is boss man now, but will he favour his old team or his old driver, or neither and stay out of it all completely. I really hope it's the latter and the FIA adopts a no-nonsense approach to any antics he might get up to.  History suggests otherwise however…


6) The new teams will all be disappointingly slow.

7) We will have at least 8 winners this year.  This might seem bold, but between Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, Sauber, Force India, Mercedes and Red Bull, there really are 7 potential race winning teams and probably 12 potential race winning drivers.


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