where’s our HD?

Despite minority sports such as ski jumping now being broadcast in glorious HD, Bernie thinks that the time isn't right for one of the few sports that gets about 500million viewers that would look fantastic in high-def

From ESPN:
"Bernie Ecclestone has also warned audiences not to hold their breath for the introduction of high definition broadcasts of F1. Despite most other sports adopting the new technology, Ecclestone insists that there isn't enough demand from TV stations to make HD worthwhile."

In other words he's too tight to fork out for the equipment unless it makes an instant profit.



One thought on “where’s our HD?

  1. He’s also doens’t like technology he can’t directly turn a profit from. Take the policy of "owning" the rights to any amateur footage taken at races. FOM just ask for it to be removed from Youtube asap without considering it might involve the audience and stop them switching to NASCAR (which has all the goodies such as streaming driver radio feeds, High Def, etc)


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