Stop messing with the rules please!

Wow that didn't take long.  After finally ending the refuelling era and race-fuel qualifying, F1 is now determined to undo all the good work and mess things up again.

This time the suggestion is that drivers in Q1 have to start the race on the set of tyres they set their best time on.  This might sound like a good idea "to spice up the show" but I think it hasn't really been thought through.  If the cars on the fresh tyres swamp the cars from Q1 in the first couple of laps we'll soon see the silly situation of no-one qualifying properly because it's a disadvantage to be in Q1.

With a refuelling ban there's already going to be alot of differences between the cars during the race (except for the drivers/teams that do the best job).  Artificially forcing drivers to use certain tyres at certain times just goes against the "purity" of F1 and for what?  Just to make some drivers pit early?  It's this obsession with the idea that pit stops are required to give more action that annoys me.  Overtaking is what makes a race exciting, not pit stops.  There have been plenty of Spanish GPs that had loads of pit stops, not one overtake and were all as dull as can be.  Likewise for Monaco which is only rescued by being so glitzy.

I don't remember the ding dong battles during the 80s era of no-refuelling requiring any help to make them happen.  Mansell vs Piquet at Silverstone didn't happen because Mansell was forced to started on knackered tyres or to use two difference compounds during the race.  Still, this is one rule I'm sure is going to happen so we might as well get used to it.

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