BBC F1 intro wins award

I quite liked the first part of the advert which is slightly Guiness-esque in its style.  I like the way they try to get the voiceover to sound like the bass in The Chain but the part that's also used as the intro for the highlights coverage just doesn't do it for me.  At least they went back to F1's real soundtrack instead of that Jamiroquai abomination that ITV used before they went to the slightly better Apollo 440, Bachman Turner Overdrive and Moby tunes.  Just need the Georgio Moroder grid music back!

I still remember the old intros which used coverage from the races to give a bit more spice but I guess they didn't have any available.  Hopefully they'll use some nice clips from this year of cars driving and oversteering through corners.  Anything of the McLaren in the first half of the year should do it 🙂



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