Sutil overvaluing himself?

First we had Kimi and now Sutil seemingly thinking he’s worth more than he probably is.

“It is believed Sutil is holding out for a pay-rise, with Zimmerman saying only that “Adrian has developed into an experienced Formula One driver.”

Well you could saw he’s experienced in that he’s done more seasons than saw Buemi or Kobayashi but he’s hardly at the level of former world champ Kimi, especially when you consider Sutil has trouble staying on the circuit both when racing others or on his own.

Considering many young drivers would give their right arm for a go in F1 perhaps he should be glad the team still want him and aren’t just trying to get Fisi-only-good-in-crap-teams-cella back to partner Liuzi.


One thought on “Sutil overvaluing himself?

  1. Kobayashi has been far more impressive than Sutil this year for me even though he’s only done a couple of races. Certainly not afraid to duel with the world champion elect!


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