British GP back on a knife edge – time for the Government to sort it out

It seems every year we go through the same turmoil about the British Grand Prix. Now apparently Peter Mandelson has asked Bernie to make sure it happens, but at the end of the day Bernie is a business man and will go where the money is, even after offering a deal to Silverstone.
With the new tracks like Abu Dhabi looking fantastic with lots of state backing, it's time for the Government to put their money where their mouth is and sub a few million quid Silverstone's way. With the current contract of the tracks only making money from ticket sales it will be very difficult to fund much needed improvements without external funding.

Since the Government is quite happy to support the banks and the rest of the flagging motor industry with billions of pounds, it's about time they did the same thing for our world class motor sport industry rather than just moaning about it.


One thought on “British GP back on a knife edge – time for the Government to sort it out

  1. Not so sure – there will always be places where governments put in more money so it just ups the stakes. Look at the Olympics – the London venues for 2012 aren’t going to compete with Beijing. Silverstone is ok – it’s safe but a bit tatty. Unlike Suzuka and Interlagos which are unsafe and a bit tatty. The point is F1 as a brand needs the heritage of the European events. The Abu Dhabi track is wonderful yet very soulless and if every GP was like this interest would soon drop. Bit like watching football in giant empty stadiums – it’s boring. So F1 needs these events but Bernie is just pretending that it doesn’t to drive a hard bargain. He is just using the British GP as an example to the other Euro tracks.


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