New twist to the Donington saga

What on earth is going on at Donnington? The will-they-won’t-they stories are starting to get tiring and it’s about time there was some certainty otherwise Bernie’s threat of no British GP next year will come to fruition throught ineptitude of others. It sounds like one of the current backers has now probably coughed up enough for Bernie’s deposit, so I guess they are back to treading water again until the next hiccup.

Whilst Simon Gillett should be applauded for his ambition, something just doesn’t sit right about drawing a massive salary from a technically insolvent company and he’s now playing with the future of the British GP.  By prolonging the affair, the race is sitting on a knife-edge.  If it falls one way he’ll be a hero, the man who safeguarded the British GP where Silverstone couldn’t make it pay.  If it falls the other then he’ll be the man who stopped Silverstone securing a new contract and doomed the race, possibly permanantly.


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