Abu Dhabi GP a sellout!

Autosport reports that the season finale in Abu Dhabi is a sellout, which makes a change for new races.  Except only 50,000 tickets have been sold…

I guess that's one way for Bernie to sellout GP races after the humiliation of having races like the Turkish GP (36,000 in 155,000 capacity) or the Chinese GP (32,000 in 200,000 capacity) nearly empty – by only selling 40% of the number of tickets of a traditional circuit such as  Silverstone (120,000) , or Hockenheim (120,000) which are usually sold out when they host a race.

Still, having empty circuits doesn't seem to have stopped Bernie and CVC making loads of dosh last year.


2 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi GP a sellout!

  1. Empty circuits don’t bother Bernie as the tracks pay him a set fee, and then try and claw the money back through ticket sales (it’s the only money the tracks get from F1!). Makes things look a bit crap on the TV though if the grandstands are empty which is why the teams complain about it


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