Is Kimi over-valuing himself?

"Toyota Team President John Howett admits that Kimi Raikkonen is unlikely to join the team because the driver is asking for too much money."

Now we all know that Kimi probably burns more cash partying than most people, but didn't he just get a massive payoff from Ferrari to make way for Alonso?  I fear that Kimi (or his management) is probably pushing the envelope and he may well find in the current market that he may find himself still standing when the music stops… possibly holding a can of Red Bull?,18954,3213_5642074,00.html


2 thoughts on “Is Kimi over-valuing himself?

  1. $25m for not driving for Ferrari plus $25m wanted to drive for Toyota = one hell of a payday! Considering Button got $3m and had to fly Ryanair to a lot of the races I think Kimi may be asking a tad too much. Considering Kimi has had a very ordinary couple of seasons he’ll be lucky to get anywhere near that I would have thought


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