British GP back on a knife edge – time for the Government to sort it out

It seems every year we go through the same turmoil about the British Grand Prix. Now apparently Peter Mandelson has asked Bernie to make sure it happens, but at the end of the day Bernie is a business man and will go where the money is, even after offering a deal to Silverstone.
With the new tracks like Abu Dhabi looking fantastic with lots of state backing, it's time for the Government to put their money where their mouth is and sub a few million quid Silverstone's way. With the current contract of the tracks only making money from ticket sales it will be very difficult to fund much needed improvements without external funding.

Since the Government is quite happy to support the banks and the rest of the flagging motor industry with billions of pounds, it's about time they did the same thing for our world class motor sport industry rather than just moaning about it.


Trulli vs Sutil

After their little coming together the beginning of the Brazillian GP, Trulli and Sutil are still at it.  Trulli is obviously still aggrieved at Sutil’s driving, while Sutil is maintaining he did nothing wrong.

My opinion is that Sutil didn’t give racing room to Trulli, but as we’ve often seen in the past, running others off the road has often gone unpunished so has been seen as fair game so it’s no surprise it was seen as a racing incident by the Stewards.

It’s interesting that Nico Rosburg also drew attention to driving standards as a couple of other incidents were also a bit iffy with drivers squeezing others so much that contact occurred.

I hope they agree to clean up their act as driving standards have definately been exception over the last few years and it would be a shame for them to slip now.

Back to Trulli and Sutil though; there’s only one way to resolve their squabble.

In the words of Harry Hill…. fight!!

Trulli: “Obviously it was very disappointing to end the race like that, especially on the first lap. I had every reason to be extremely furious. I’ve got all the evidence to show I was there and was next to him, and tomorrow we are going to discuss it.”

Sutil: “There’s nothing to discuss; it was quite an obvious incident. In the end it was very disappointing for me, even more because I was the one who was just driving, and he lost control of his car and crashed into my back. It’s not my problem – it’s his problem. I don’t know why he’s freaking out like that to be honest.”

Trulli: “I don’t know if you’re blind, but I can clearly show you my front wing is next to your front wing.”

Trulli then produced photographs to support his argument.

Sutil: “But you’re trying to overtake me around the outside on the kerb. There was not a problem.”

Trulli: “So you mean…you didn’t move there…”

Sutil: “No, you were just not going off the power. The same happened in Barcelona where you lost control again and crashed again into a Force India car (Sutil). You have to sometimes respect the limits of the car. If you’ve nowhere to go, you have to back off. That’s how racing is. I don’t know how long you want to learn this.”

Trulli: “In Barcelona I spun and he hit me because he cut the kerb, cut the circuit completely, and he didn’t slow down.”

Sutil: “I didn’t hit you; you hit me. I don’t know what the problem is; maybe your eyes are a problem.”

Trulli: “I was furious because I said ‘didn’t you see me?’ I mean, I was next to him and he kept pushing me outside until I was obviously on the kerb. I couldn’t believe…”

Sutil: “It’s not a problem to be on the kerb. Where’s the problem?”

Trulli (sarcastically): “Yeah, no problem! As long as we know the rules…”

Sutil: “I know the rules.”

Alonso was subsequently asked for his interpretation of the incident, to which the former double F1 World Champion wryly remarked: “I saw everything more-or-less, but as Jarno said we will discuss it in the drivers’ briefing – deeply!”

Donnington saga finally over?

With Bernie's announcement it's all over for Donnington, it looks like finally a line can be drawn under the hope for Donnington to host the British GP, but it's looking more like it's the same case for Silverstone too.

Pitpass have done a good article on the history of Simon Gillet which is well worth a read.  

New twist to the Donington saga

What on earth is going on at Donnington? The will-they-won’t-they stories are starting to get tiring and it’s about time there was some certainty otherwise Bernie’s threat of no British GP next year will come to fruition throught ineptitude of others. It sounds like one of the current backers has now probably coughed up enough for Bernie’s deposit, so I guess they are back to treading water again until the next hiccup.

Whilst Simon Gillett should be applauded for his ambition, something just doesn’t sit right about drawing a massive salary from a technically insolvent company and he’s now playing with the future of the British GP.  By prolonging the affair, the race is sitting on a knife-edge.  If it falls one way he’ll be a hero, the man who safeguarded the British GP where Silverstone couldn’t make it pay.  If it falls the other then he’ll be the man who stopped Silverstone securing a new contract and doomed the race, possibly permanantly.

Spa circuit & Belgian F1 Race under threat

The Belgian GP is currently held at one of the best F1 circuits in the world.  Unfortunately the local population appear to be less enamoured with having a Formula 1 race once a year (and numerous lower formulae events) in their back yard.  Never mind the fact they probably moved to the region after the circuit was built so knew what they were getting into.  This has led to the local state suspending the licence and threatens the future of not only the Grand Prix, but the circuit itself.

However there is hope.  Another group of locals have decided to start a petition to show they like having the racing nearby and are hoping to get enough signatures to show the state how important the event and circuit are.

Get clicking now:

All that remains is to get Bernie to stop trying to screw Silverstone and secure the British GP!